Broadway Mirrors Clip-on


  • Wide vision eliminates blind spots and increases visibility.
  • Distortion-free surface mirror, non-glairiness for safer driving.
  • Perfectly fits over the stock mirror. Scatter Proof.
  • Sport appearence and Paintable to match your vehicle
  • Easy clip-on installation with thin design, no glue required.
  • Brand new sealed package

DescriptionPART #
240mm Flat / Chrome Broadway MirrorBW-742
240mm Convex / Chrome Broadway MirrorBW-743
270mm Flat / Chrome Broadway MirrorBW-744
270mm Convex / Chrome Broadway MirrorBW-745
270mm Flat / Chrome Broadway MirrorBW-746
270mm Convex / Broadway MirrorBW-747
290mm Convex Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-835
330mm Flat Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-836
240mm Flat Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-842
240mm Convex Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-843
270mm Flat Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-844
300mm Flat Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-846
300mm Flat Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-848
360mm Flat Smoke/ Broadway MirrorBW-849
400mm Flat / Broadway MirrorBW-850
400mm Convex / Broadway MirrorBW-851






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