Glassylite DIY headlight restoration kit

Glassylite headlight restoration kit

  • GlassyLite uses a liquid glass technology used in aerospace applications under extreme conditions. Our coating gives you the hardest scratch resistant coating available without using any conventional ingredients.
  • We modified our sealant to specifically bond to unstable polycarbonate bonding sites to prevent a hydrolysis reaction. It also prevents photo rearrangement keeping your headlights from yellowing.
  • GlassyLite qualifies to be listed under AMECA as an approved OEM coating. Not any other company can make this claim. GlassyLite was purposely packaged to allow anyone to use without any skills, tools or physical strength. Average application takes only 25 minutes.

Glassylite 100% Solids & 4H Hardness.

  • Contains no harmful chemicals towards polycarbonate. Contains no solvents, no urethanes, non yellowing. Our nanosealant is literally glass in a bottle. Once activated with oxygen, it will begin crystalizing to form a clear hard shell.
  • OEM Hardcoats are rated at 2H. GlassyLite is over 300% more scratch resistant to OEM hardcoats. All other competitors are using urethane coatings which will dull and chemically damage your lens.

Glassylite Kit Box Content

Kit Contain Sandpaper #1500 and #3000, Cleaners, Gloves, Nano Sealant bottle and Hyper shine application.






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